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Enjoyed your introduction to DMAIC?

Want to learn more and take your process and business to the next level?

Below is your chance!

We will go into further detail of completing the DMAIC process and the tools that will help you complete it yourself.

Within the below module, you'll receive:

  • The above intro module in MP4 format - listen anytime, anywhere.

  • Excel worksheet custom built to allow ease of use for you to execute tools to help complete your DMAIC process.

  • An in-depth review of the process in MP4 format:

    • An in-depth review of the process and use of the tools.​

    • Video instructions showing you how to use the worksheet tools.

There is no magic to this application.  They are straight forward steps that anyone can use to resolve challenges and create an efficient process to help result in lowered costs and increased output.

The DMAIC is a field-tested process from Six Sigma.  Through the below module, the application is simplified, explained, and with tools provided to improve its application for you.

This module is intentionally priced to allow increased access and positive impact for anyone who wants to improve their process and business.

Please enjoy!

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